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Berklee College Apartments

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Apartment close to near Berklee College Music apartment guide.


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This guide is for any student actually Boston Conservatory, UMASS , NU , Simmons , Tufts , Boston University , 

You can rent apartments near Berklee and many other universities and College

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This guide will help you Please also read the real life stories of renters 


1. What are the different avenues for finding an apartment and features of each?

Berklee housing Mantra RE and Boston Best Rentals is here to help. 

Real estate agencies:

• Will save time by setting up all the appointments

• Will guide a client through the rental process

• Will match properties to a client’s needs

• Will explain about different landlords, buildings, and areas

• Can try to negotiate on behalf of the client

• Largest selection of properties

• Depending upon the season and landlords, there are realtor fees

2. What are the advantages of living in a condo versus an apartment complex?

Condo complex:

• Typically will be professionally managed

• Have owner occupancy (thus a higher possibility of mixed age of occupants)

• Typically nicer common areas

• Tenants have to be more quiet due to owner occupancy

• Individual units can differ dramatically


Here at Mantra RE Boston Best Rentals

Below is a list of the locations that Berklee College of Music students typically live/rent in, apartments for rent near close to Berklee

including average price ranges, as well as a brief description of the demographic of each area.

Each area has its own characteristics. rental apartments

Fenway/Kenmore/Symphony: A mix of young professionals and students

Back Bay/Beacon Hill: Very quaint neighborhood.

Average rents 2012-2013


Studio 1300-1600

1 bedrooms 1650-2100

1 bedroom splits 1750-2200

2 bedrooms 1900-2800 

3 bedrooms 2800-3700

Now these can more more or less but on average a Studio close to Berklee College , Boston Conservatory 1400

Back bay 1450

Fenway   1400



• Landlords can legally charge first month + last month + security = three month’s rent. There

can also be a key deposit.

• When you move in, fill out the Apartment Condition Statement and give it back to the

landlord within 15 days. Please also take detailed pictures of any damages to the unit.



BOSTON - BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - STUDIO - 1 BATH -Near close to Berklee College and really close to school! Nearby Universities  Berklee, Boston University, Emerson College, Mass College of Art, Mass College of Pharmacy, Simmons, Suffolk University, Boston Conservatory

 BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 1 BEDROOM SPLIT - 1 BATH - Great front facing unit with bay windows with view walk to Berklee and Conservatory. Perfect  Hardwood floors, classic style elevator building. 1 splits are living room becomes a separate room ( NO COMMON AREA)

BOSTON - BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 1 BEDROOM  - 1 BATH - SIGN UP NOW FOR September 1, Boylston Street, steps to Berklee college Park Drive, west fenway area, in nice brownstone, well maintained common areas, hardwood floors, some with park views, Near all local colleges and green line T stop Available: Now and 9-1

BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 1 BEDROOM SPLIT - 1 BATH - One Bedroom Split with large bedroom, eat in kitchen, updated kitchen and bathroom. Heat and hot water included. Easy access to class, T lines, shops, restaurants and parks. Professionally managed building with 24 hour maintenance BOSTON - BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - BEACON STREET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED STUDIO'S NEAR TO KENMORE SQUARE AND FENWAY COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES!! studio's $1095 - $1295; w/w, kitchenettes, sep baths, hot water included; one year lease; BOSTON -

BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 2 BEDROOM SPLIT - 1 BATH - Terrific Two Bedroom Split with great layout, 3 large bedrooms, front facing and hardwood floors. Heat and hot water included. Easy access to class, T lines, shops, restaurants and parks. Professionally managed building with 24 hour maintenance and onsite laundry. BOSTON -NOW and 9-1 Move in 

BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 1 BEDROOM - 1 BATH - Gorgeous 1BR for 9/1 just steps to Berklee with Central Air, washer and dryer in unit, hardwood floors, modern kitchen with dishwasher and disposal, newly renovated unit, large rooms, ceiling fans, and DSL/cable ready! Available: 09/01. $1,900 BOSTON -

BERKLEE COLLEGE AREA - 2 BEDROOM - 1 BATH - Outstanding Two Bedroom with nice livingroom area, hardwood floors, updated kitchen and bathroom. Heat and hot water included. Easy access to class, T lines, shops, restaurants and parks. 24 hr maintenance and onsite laundry. BOSTON


• Pets: Not all landlords allow cats/dogs. Most allow cats.

• Renter’s insurance: You probably have more in personal property than you realize.

Computers, stereos, televisions, clothing, jewelry, and furniture would be expensive to 

replace in case of a fire or theft. Renter’s insurance is a good idea and is surprisingly 

affordable. Don’t assume your landlord’s or your parent’s insurance will cover your

belongings. Any expensive instruments or jewelry will need to be added as “scheduled 

property” and will need to be appraised. Certain participating real estate firms will pay for

oen year’s apartment insurance paid.

• Avoid breaking rules. Breaking rules may lead to eviction, losing your deposits, and

additional fees.

• Parking sticker: If your vehicle is insured in Massachusetts and you have a copy of your

lease, you can obtain a street parking sticker for your area for free.

• If your roommate moves out, you may still be responsible for paying the portion of his/her

rent until you find a new roommate.

• Is a cosigner required? Yes. If you are a student and not working full time, you need a

cosigner. If working full time, you most likely will not need a cosigner, but you will need an

employment verification letter, prior rental references, and good credit, otherwise all

landlords require a cosigner. If you recently graduated this applies as well. This person is

usually a parent or guardian but can be anyone financially able and with good credit.

• General maintenance: On the front page of your lease, there will be a phone number for the

landlord/management company and or a superintendent. If either the management company

or superintendent are not present on the lease, you should call your landlord if you have any 

repair problems.

• Make sure you call your landlord or maintenance company whether it is a minor or major

problem, as minor problems become major problems if ignored. If your landlord or

maintenance company does not respond or repair any major issues, you can call the ISD

(Inspectional Service Department).

Things to Think About• Fire/CO2: Please check and see if your apartment has a working fire/CO2 detectors. (It

would also be good to get your own fire extinguisher

• The best way to find out about an apartment/landlord is by asking the current tenants of the


• How much time do I have to pay the move-in costs? First month’s deposit is due immediately  



Berklee College of Music Apartments

The Boston-based college now known as Berklee College of Music was founded in 1945 by Lawrence Berk as the 'Schillinger House', and was the first school in the U.S. to teach Jazz, the popular music of the time.  Today the school has grown to student body of over 4,000 musicians from 80 countries around the world.

If you're moving to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, Warren Rentals is here to help make your Berklee apartment search easier!  Browse the rental listings to the right to find an apartment near Berklee- we've already narrowed-down the search results to help you find the apartments closest to Berklee. The school is also not to far from the Fenway Kenmore and  areas.

Finding college apartments in Boston can be a challenge for students trying to focus on the beginning of the school year.  Let Warren Rentals take the stress out of your Berklee housing search.  us Mantra RE and Boston BR to start touring potential apartments today!


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Berklee College Rental stories

Mom 1 Mom 2 Mom3 Berklee Student 1 Berklee student 2 Berklee student 3

Mom 1 Chicago Ill Called Boston best rentals and set up a time to veiw apartments - we spoke a few times. She and her son flew in and we met for coffee.  I went over the options and we found a unit in 1/2 hour. She had a check for first last security and fee. we did apps and leases through he mail. Mission completed and Mom and son were back on plane same day to Chicago.

Mom 2 and son 2 . After deciding to rent a apartment over the phone I spent hours going units. We found one and Mom 1 was reluctant to send a month deposit. I explained to her I need a month to take it off market yet she would not mail it or wire it. I wrote my own check after 4 days to hold apartment . When We finally got the paper work in another app went in same day. The owner decided to take the other people. I told them If I continue to work with them i need a deposit. Later on that week the owner called and did not take the apps from the Simmons girls from another agency. I told them I do not do business like that and Mom and student 2 decided we would find something else.- Well they decided to find it on there own....On 9-1- I received a call and they rented a unit through another Broker who lied to them and they were asking me to help.  Please there are a lot of Realtor but most do not know really what it takes and look for the commission check and not the person..