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Finding Berklee off campus housing can be difficult.  There is definitely a shortage of apartments between the 150 building and its older counterparts.  Thankfully, Mantra RE - Boston Best rentals & Boston Rental Agency has put together a specialized page of Berklee apartment listings just for you.


Some Berklee students may want to stay right next to class in the Back Bay. Fenway/Kenmore and Symphony areas as well which are both just a short walk to Berklee college of music . Obviously these are some some of the highest demand areas of the city so you have to move fast to get the best apartment. At Mantra RE we understand your need and are on call virtually anytime to get you into your new Berklee College rental apartment close to or near campus. Allthough this page is Berklee you can plug in any college- Conservatory, Mass Art, NU , Sufflok, Fisher, Emerson - 


You can feel confident that if you've found your way to MANTRA RE Boston, you're in the right place. If Berklee off-campus housing rental apartments rent your apartment close to or near Berklee college of Music is what you need,then Berklee off-campus housing is what we've got.  

At Mantra RE we are the same comapny as Boston best realty Boston best rentals Berklee College apartmets and Berklee college rentals . We talored this site to get more exposure for our Berklee College students. I hope you give us a call , send an email and let us help you get your new apartment rental no hassle no pressure


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Boston and its neighborhoods fenway kenmore house over 75 percent of Berklee's student population. apartments to rent and rentals close to or near Off-Campus Berklee  Students seek Mantra RE and Boston best Realty & Rentals - BerkleeCollege  to provide resources and materials to Berklee's non-residential students, from apartment search basics to an off-campus housing realtors near berklee college

Apartment hunting in Boston can be challenging, especially when getting started, and even more so if you are far away from the city. When looking for an apartment, we recommend that you start here at Mantra RE your search online. We will even take the time to rent your apartment over the phone. papers can be emailed and monies wired

 . Berklee College of Music Apartments For Rent 

Berklee College of Music is a 4 year Private not-for-profit University located in Boston Massachusetts. Berklee College of Music is a small University with 4,090 students including 4,090 undergraduate students representing 100.0% of the student population. The college offers bachelor's degree.


Berklee College of Music Apartments and Housing 
The University is located in a large city and offers campus housing. Making up your mind between on-campus housing or off-campus housing will be selection that every Berklee College of Music student must answer. Living on-campus will allow you to meet more people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to hang out with.

Locating Berklee College of Music Apartments for rent is smart. With 4,090 students, living in a Berklee College Music apartment gives you space. Dorm living means roommates. Living in a Berklee College Music apartment gives you space. At most colleges, the dorm rooms are tiny. You have to limit what you bring to school, or your space will be too crowded. That means you need to leave your shoes at home, ladies. Renting an apartment will make you more responsible. If you live off-campus, you will pay bills, clean house, grocery shop and cook. If you consistently select playing with your dorm friends over studying at the library, your grades suffer.

Finally, locating a Berklee College Music apartment may improve your GPA. Student housing is disruptive, your GPA may be affected negatively.

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